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The Gates’ impending divorce: Any possible complicity of work?

Business Day Online 21 Jun 2021
It indicates that material comfort, wealth, class, or status does not create the conditions for marital bliss ... However, the pursuit of livelihood, comfort, and wealth, through work, needs to be united with adequate attention for the emotional, social and spiritual demands of a successful family.

The billionaire who has let his heart take charge

Business Line 20 Jun 2021
* It was my decision to slowly liquidate some of my shares to create wealth for the foundation’s philanthropic activities ... * Creating wealth is not success ... “Creating wealth is not success ... We work not just to create wealth, but to create more and more success stories.” ....

Investors report a Craigslist cryptocurrency fraud in San Antonio

Cryptopolitan 20 Jun 2021
Keye Midas Wealth Management created a huge cryptocurrency fraud in San Antonio ... The board accuses the financial group Keye Midas Wealth Management of promising a risk-free scheme of work ... Cryptocurrency fraud by Keye Midas Wealth Management group ... Scammers can create credible financial websites.

Jobs and wealth creation more important than education – Dr. Kofi Amoah

Ghana Web 20 Jun 2021
To him, it is better to create wealth first even before seeking education; a strategy he says was adopted by Korea and Taiwan and has worked out perfectly for those countries ... Create wealth first, then you can invest in good schools because you can pay teachers, provide better infrastructure and that will enhance education.

Kim Janey, Ayanna Pressley celebrate ‘Black joy’ on Juneteenth

Boston Herald 20 Jun 2021
She referenced the commonly cited statistic that found a $250,000 gulf between the wealth of white Bostonians and that of Black Bostonians. “As we do this work, let’s remember to be intentional about creating space for joy,” she added. “It is important that we seek joy, that we be intentional about creating joy, because joy is self-care.

What would each of the Boston mayoral candidates do about how expensive it is to ...

Boston Herald 20 Jun 2021
She said she’d look to join with worker cooperatives and land trusts in an effort to create cheaper housing and she said she wants a minimum wage increase ... The goal is “to create generational wealth — and housing is a key element of that. You can create wealth, you can empower residents.”.

AI in investing is about human empowerment, not displacement

The Economic Times 20 Jun 2021
... of stocks/sectors and investor behaviour to create long-term wealth for different clients.

How a $600 billion wealth fund got caught in political crossfire

Live Mint 20 Jun 2021
The result is a country that despite its enormous wealth is ill-prepared to withstand external shocks such as Covid-19 ... “We’re worried about the future but young Kuwaitis are more empowered now, many are trying to create their own wealth and are less tolerant of corruption," said Anan Al-Subaihi, who has a doctorate in banking and investment.

Boulder County celebrates Juneteenth, hoping it serves as ‘the bridge’ for social change

Daily Camera 20 Jun 2021
the Executive Committee for African American Cultural Events’ inaugural Juneteenth production, which was created in partnership with NAACP Boulder County ... “But, just having a celebration doesn’t create change ... It doesn’t affect our financial wealth gap in this country. It doesn’t create systemic change.”.

‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading

The Observer 20 Jun 2021
People show off their lives and wealth on socials, and that spurs everyone on.” ... Just as social media creates a new, aspirational mindset, pushing young people to accrue wealth, it also fuels risky investment decisions, as these amateur investors see tweets about a stock “going to the moon”, and jump aboard.

The real reason why Juneteenth is a point of contention for the GOP

Alternet 19 Jun 2021
Axios highlights that Juneteenth is an "annual reminder" of how Black Americans were denied opportunities to create generational wealth ... Statistical breakdowns of the economic figures also shed light on the wealth gaps that have widened even more in recent decades.

John Stossel: Debunking myths about capitalism

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 19 Jun 2021
Free markets increase total wealth ... That creates new wealth. Research shows that entrepreneurs only keep 2.2% of the additional wealth they generate ... But former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says we should “abolish billionaires.” He wants some form of wealth tax to hold their wealth down.

Is it time for India’s own sovereign wealth fund?

The Times of India 19 Jun 2021
China Investment Corporation (CIC) is the official sovereign wealth fund (SWF) of China ... The need to set up a sovereign wealth fund, with expert investment ... I would argue that a SAFE/CIC kind of sovereign wealth fund should be created to manage some part of India’s forex reserves.

Op-Ed: Without a U.S. plan for reparations, Juneteenth is a hollow national holiday

The Los Angeles Times 19 Jun 2021
Nearly 1 million acres of southern coastal land was to be reallocated in a huge transfer of wealth from enslavers to the formerly enslaved ... It also would have likely created wealth within Black families, possibly and significantly closing the “income gap” between Black and white families seen today.

Jewish-themed podcast to become TV show with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd

The Jerusalem Post 19 Jun 2021
And it’s starring two comedy stars who last collaborated on “Anchorman 2. The Legend Continues.” . The 8-episode adaptation will star Paul Rudd as Dr ... And Herschkopf also ran a charity created by Markowitz that had a Hebrew name (and to which he instructed Markowitz to leave his millions in wealth). The list goes on ... .

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